How to Start a Parenting Blog in 2019 – Make Money in Your Spare Time!

Have you ever thought about starting a parenting blog? Do you feel like you have a story to share? Or experience that others would find useful?

Then maybe starting a parenting blog is right for you!

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The online world is expanding at an alarming rate. We can do pretty much everything online these days. More and more people are turning to the internet for entertainment, tips, solutions to their problems, advice and more. By starting a parenting blog you can use your experiences to help other parents who are facing the same problems.

Reasons to Blog

There’s a lot of reasons that you might consider starting a parenting blog:

  • Record your journey through parenthood as you learn more about yourself and your children
  • Share you experiences and advice with other parents in similar situations
  • Help other people with problems they might be facing
  • Make extra money to help support your family so you can stay home with your children or supplement your income

Starting a Parenting Blog

Starting a parenting blog is actually very easy and only takes about 15-20 minutes.

There’s lots of different platforms for blogs. The best one for you will depend on your needs. But generally for a good, easy to use blog that you can make money with, you want to use WordPress as your platform.

A Note About WordPress:

There’s are two versions of WordPress – and is their free version where you don’t get your own domain name and you are limited in a lot of vital areas, such as themes, e-commerce and more, is used for websites when you own the domain name. This version gives you unlimited access to themes, e-commerce, plugins, tools… basically everything you need to run a successful website.

I strongly recommend that you buy your own domain name (website address) and use I’ve heard so many stories of people starting out with a free site and expecting to be able to make money from it. Yes, you might be able to make a little money, but if you want your site to have any sort of success, then you NEED to have your own domain name.

Web Hosting

You will also need a hosting company for your website. There are a lot of hosting companies to pick from and their services and prices vary dramatically. I use BlueHost which is one of the largest hosting companies. Because they are so large they are able to keep their prices low.

If you are starting out in blogging and not sure if it’s right for you, or just tight on money. Then BlueHost is an excellent company to go with. If you use this link you can get their hosting packages from just $2.95 a month!

Yep, you read that right! For less than the price of a coffee a month, you can have your very own website!

They also include registering your domain name for free if you sign up for at least 12 months of hosting. This is an awesome deal, so well worth getting at least 12 months hosting to get the free domain.

Getting Started

If you click here you can sign up for hosting and then follow the tutorial below to take you step-by-step through the set-up process.

Pick Your Plan

BlueHost offers a few different plan options. If you are just starting out, then I recommend going for the “Basic” plan.

Starting a Parenting Blog | Easy step-by-step instruction on how to start a parenting blog in your free time. Great way to make extra money!

Decide on a Domain Name

Your domain name is the website address to your blog. Picking a domain name is tough and very personal. Here are some tips to help you make the decision:

  • Don’t pick something too long
  • Pick something easy to spell or without alternative spelling
  • Pick something catchy or easy to remember
  • Don’t use numerals as it can be confusing if they are spelled out or the number itself
  • Get a “.com” if possible (instead of a “.biz”, “.info”, “.net” etc)

Once you’ve picked your name you need to search to see if it’s available.

BlueHost makes this very easy. All you do is type in the domain name you want and click “next”. It will tell you if your name is available. If it’s not it will give you some suggestions of similar names.

Create Your Account

The next step is to create your account. You’ll just enter your basic contact information, like name, email address etc.

This is also the step when it will ask you to select your package.

It’s basically asking how long you want to host your site for. Your options are 12 months, 24 months, 36 months or 60 months.

The best value is 36 months – that’s the one that works out to be just $2.95 a month!

The packages break down like this:

  • 12 Month (Basic) – $4.95 a month
  • 24 Month (Basic) – $3.95 a month
  • 36 Month (Basic) – $2.95 a month
  • 60 Month (Basic) – $2.95 a month
Starting a Parenting Blog in Your Free Time | Step by step instructions for how to create a parenting blog that will make you money.

If you aren’t sure if blogging is for you or you are on a tight budget, then it’s fine to go with the 12 month option. As you can see at $4.95 a month, it’s still really affordable.

Note: You do pay for the full amount upfront.

Underneath where you select your pack it also give you a few different add-on options. The only one of these that you really need is the “Domain Privacy Protection”. This is well worth the extra $0.99 a month to have piece of mind. It basically means that instead of YOUR PRIVATE contact information being attached to your site (the whois profile of the site), it will list BlueHost as your agent instead and keep your private info… well… private!

Installing WordPress

Once you finish creating your account, you will get a welcome email with a link to your “C-Panel”. This is your hosting command central! It’s also the place that you can do the super easy, one-click WordPress installation.

Here are the easy steps to install WordPress for your site:

  • Open C-Panel from the link in your welcome email (don’t forget to bookmark it!)
  • From your C-Panel, click on “Install WordPress”
    • You can go to “One-Click Installs” and then find WordPress if you want to – but it will take you to the same screen. Save time and just click straight on “Install WordPress”
Starting a Parenting Blog in Your Free Time | Step by step tutorial on how to start a parenting blog quickly so you can start making money!
  • It will ask you to select your domain name – pick the full one e.g Leave the “Directory” box blank.
  • You now need to enter your WordPress account. It will ask for the following information:
    • Site Name: This is what you want your site to be called, for example Life’s Carousel
    • Admin Email Address: This is your contact email address
    • Admin Username: Pick something secure but easy to remember. Don’t use “Admin”!
    • Admin Password: Again pick something secure but easy to remember
Starting a Parenting Blog in Your Free Time | Step by step tutorial on how to start a parenting blog quickly so you can start making money!
  • Click “Next” and then be patient while it installs WordPress for you!

Congratulations you now have your very own website!

Why not check out my “7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog” – so you can save time and money with your new parenting blog and get on the fast track to success!