Pinterest Virtual Assistant

I'm here to help you grow your online business or blog to the next level using the awesome power of Pinterest!

Account Management

I will take control of your Pinterest strategy and do all the hard work for you! You’ll never have to worry about sharing pins, creating boards or finding fresh content. Just think of all the time you will save every day?!

Profile Set Up

Let me take away the confusion about setting up the “perfect” Pinterest profile. I will create a profile that will drive traffic to your site (one of my profiles gets over 4 million monthly viewers!).

Account Audit

You’ve got an existing Pinterest profile, but you’re not getting much traffic from it? Let me spend some time reviewing your profile and strategy and I’ll give you a full report of what you can do next.

Got Questions?

Let me help you take some of the fear away and guide you on the path to business success!

Sign up for a free 30 minute call with me. We’ll talk about your current Pinterest Strategy and help you decide what to do next!

Growing An Online Business Can Be Hard...

But It Doesn't Have To Be

When you first start your blog or online business, there seems like a million different tasks you need to do. You feel completely overwhelmed, out of control, full of doubt and alone!


Get the help you need to start growing your online business. There is no reason to do this alone.

You wouldn’t try to learn to scuba dive with an instructor. You wouldn’t try to bake bread without a recipe.

So why are you trying to start a business without help?

Earn More Money

Let me help you earn more money from your blog or online business. It's easier than you think!

Save Time

Starting a new business takes a lot of time. Learn how to use your time wisely to grow your business faster.

Live Your Life

An important part of running your own business is finding a balance between work and life.

Why Use Pinterest

Pinterest is the second largest social media site for referral traffic (after Facebook) and it’s completely free to use!

Millon Acitve Users
87% of Users Have Purchase a Product Because of Pinterest
Billion Pins
40% of Pinners Have a Household Income of $100k+

My Approach

I believe that everyone deserves the chance to start and grow their own business, so they can live the life they desire.

In my experience with working with new bloggers, I’ve found that the quickest (and cheapest!) way to see immediate growth is through a carefully planned Pinterest Strategy.

My Process

Depending on your personal goals and current situation, I will help you develop a Pinterest strategy to grow your business.

I will work with you to develop this strategy and, if needed, provide monthly Pinterest account management. Over time we will adjust the strategy to adapt to your growing business.

My Perspective

After using Pinterest for nearly 10 years, I have a unique insight into what works and what doesn’t. I will use this insight to help YOU!

I have run countless experiments to see what works and what doesn’t work on Pinterest. As they change and update their algorithm, I am ready to update and adjust my strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Virtual Assistant is basically like a regular personal assistant, but rather than working in the same office, you work together online.

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant is someone that will help you with all the daily, weekly and monthly tasks involved with a rigorous Pinterest Strategy.

Pinterest is known for changing its algorithm regularly. These changes can drastically affect some content creators, either positively or negatively.

Many bloggers and online creators freak out when these changes occur. However, if you have a robust strategy and are prepared to adapt quickly, then there is no reason to fear these changes.

You can! In fact, many successful bloggers run their own Pinterest strategy. However, it takes time!

It is not just the physical time needed to implement the strategy, but also the time needed to educate yourself on exactly what works and what doesn’t work.

A qualified Pinterest Virtual Assistant (like myself!) will not only save you time each week on developing your profile and sharing your pins but also on learning how to use Pinterest to the maximum benefit of your business.

A good Pinterest Virtual Assistant will save you hours and hours of time every week. They will also help your business grow and make you more money!

An experienced Pinterest Virtual Assistant (like myself!) will also give you a wealth of information and experience that would normally take you years of experimenting or weeks of studying to acquire.

Pinterest is the second largest social media sites for referral traffic (after Facebook) and it’s completely FREE!

It currently has over 250 million active users and over 80% of them use Pinterest to help them make a decision about a purchase! In fact, the average purchase resulting from a Pinterest search is $50!

Unlike search engines, it is relatively quick and easy to develop a strong presence on Pinterest and increase traffic to your site very quickly.

If you are NOT using Pinterest… then you are missing out on a LOT of website traffic (and therefore, money!).

The Million Dollar Question!

The amount of time it takes to see results from a new Pinterest Strategy depends on many factors:

  • The service you select
  • The current situation of your Pinterest profile
  • The niche of your business
  • The amount of content you have to promote
  • The use of automation apps such as Tailwind
  • … and much more!

However, I do advice that you allow at least 6 weeks from implementing a new Pinterest strategy to see if it is having an effect.

The Help You Need

If you've clicked to this page, then I'm assuming you want to know more about the services I offer. And more importantly you want to know how much they COST!

That's OK! After all, we're all business people! We need to know the price of everything... think of us as that annoying person that goes into the Dollar Store and asks the price of everything!

So here it is! Below you will find a roundup of my services and prices. You can even book now!

Something Missing?

Don't see what you're looking for? That's OK too! Just shoot me an email of what you're interested in and I'll get back to you with a price! No messing around, no hard sell. 

One-Time Services

Pinterest Audit

  • Full Audit of Your Current Pinterest Profile & Strategy
  • Deep-dive look into your existing profile and strategy
  • Video of my analysis of your profile and pins (min. 15 minutes)
  • Review of your current pinning strategy and habits
  • Review of your pins and boards, descriptions and keywords
  • Written report with observations
  • Action plan for changes to increase your Pinterest reach and traffic

Pinterest Set-Up

  • Full set-up or tune-up of your Pinterest Account
  • Verify website domain, linking accounts, and enabling pinterest analytics
  • Enable Rich Pin status to make your account more trusted by Pinterest
  • ​Create a profile that attracts your ideal audience
  • Optimize Pinterest profile with keywords for your specific niche
  • Create 10 fully optimized boards With keyword rich descriptions
  • Apply to 10 niche specific group boards
  • Basic Tailwind Scheduler Set-Up ($150 value)

Basic Tailwind Set-Up

  • Basic set-up or tune-up of your Tailwind Account (subscription required)
  • Verify website domain and link to Pinterest account
  • Create a daily pinning schedule optimized for niche
  • Apply to 5 niche specific Tribes

Pro Tailwind Set-Up

  • Everything in the Basic Set-up PLUS
  • Set up board lists
  • Set-up SmartLoop to automate your pinning
  • 30 minute SmartLoop training
  • 30 minute Tailwind Analysis training

On-Going Services

Pinterest Account Management

  • Full Service Pinterest Management
  • Schedule a minimum of 15 pins a day
  • Weekly analysis of analytics
  • Creation of niche-specific boards as needed (with keyword descriptions)
  • Apply to niche-specific group boards as needed
  • Upload new content
  • Write keyword specific descriptions for new pins
  • Share pins with Tailwind Tribes
  • Maintain Tailwind SmartLoop
  • Apply to relevant Tailwind Tribes as needed
  • BONUS (with 3 month management plan)
  • Includes Full Pinterest Set-Up (or tune-up)
  • Includes Pro Tailwind Set-Up (or tune-up)

Pin Design Service

  • This is an add-on service to the Account Management
  • Create 4 pins per week for the posts of your choice
  • Using your brand colors and font or mixing things up!

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