How to Increase Pageviews 390% in One Month – I Did It and You Can Too!

How I increased my pageviews 490% in just one month using Dare to Conquer (Formerly Billionaire Blog Club)!

When I started my blog,, in December 2016 I knew absolutely nothing about blogging! I knew I love all things techie and also loved to write and share ideas, so blogging seemed a natural path.

It took me five very long months to finally understand the basics and start to see a bit of traffic to my site. When I say “a bit” of traffic I mean about 25 pageviews a day! Well, that’s better than 2 pageviews a day I had for the first four or five months!

If you’re really new to blogging, then “pageviews” are pretty much the universal measure of how successful your blog is. The more pageviews, the better! You need to do everything you can to increase pageviews on your site!

It got to May 2016 and I was desperate! I had been spending time and money on my site for six months and not seen any real progress.

I didn’t want to give up on the site, but I just couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong! In theory, I was doing everything right, I was a member of about 20 different Blogging Facebook groups and following all their advice.

It was at this time that I joined a group/course/cult called Dare to Conquer (OK, not really a cult, but we follow a leader who gives us life-changing advice!).

Dare to Conquer is nothing like the blogging courses or groups you’ve seen before. It’s a complete solution to all your blogging problems!

Too Good to be True?

Sounds too good to be true? I promise you, it’s not!

Dare to Conquer has the following components:

  • Courses – Detailed videos on the following subjects:
    • Pinterest
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Affiliate Sales
    • Email Marketing
    • Google Analytics
    • WordPress Setup
    • Content Creation
  • Journeys – These are step by step tutorials of exactly what to do at each stage of your blog. You check things off as you go through them and they lead you to your first 100 pageviews, first 100 subscribers etc.
  • Challenges – The challenges are designed to help you follow the steps to increase your audience and income.
  • Community Features – This includes features like a blog directory, list of member Pinterest group boards and an exchange where members ask other each other for help promoting our blogs.
  • Slack Community – This is the NUMBER ONE BEST THING about Dare to Conquer in my opinion. A real-time communication channel that is open 24/7. The community has bloggers at every stage of their blogging careers, including some making $20k+ a month! We all support and offer advice to each other on a daily basis!

The group is run by a blogging genius, Paul Scrivens (we all call him Scrivs) who has big dreams for himself and his members. He is ably assisted by a successful blogger in her own right, Marybeth.

There’s where the Slack Community part comes in. We hold each other accountable, celebrate success and share advice.

Increase Pageviews in One Month

After joining Dare to Conquer it took me a few months to accept that blogging really can be simple. All I needed to do was follow the steps, then I could be successful.

But I wanted it to be more complicated. I wanted there to be more “mystery”! So I made it more complicated!

I over-complicated the very straightforward steps that DTC gives its members. I saw some success but I was working very hard and getting disillusioned.

After a long chat with Scrivs (when you’re a member you get access to him whenever you need him and as many times as you need! Think of him as your “Blog-father”!) I realized I needed to stop making life harder for myself and FOLLOW THE STEPS!

That’s when I saw the REAL growth!

In September 2017 my pageviews were 1,437.

Now I will add that this was also the month that a major hurricane struck my hometown (Hurricane Irma), so that did affect things a little (although not as much as you would think).

In October 2017 my pageviews were 7,055!

I spent the same amount of time blogging, didn’t pay for any extra advertising or resources. I just slightly tweaked the way I was doing things.

Increase Pageviews on Your Blog - FAST | How I quadrupled my pageviews in just one month. No ads, no more time, just one slight tweak to what I was already doing! All bloggers need this advice to make more money from their blog!

That’s a 391% increase in traffic… in just ONE MONTH!

No more time, no ads, no expensive resources – just tweaks to what I was already doing!

In fact, I didn’t actually start “tweaking” things until about the second week of the month, so in reality, the increase is even bigger!

And things just got better from there! In November 2017 I got 16,419 pageviews (an increase of 132%)!

Within 6 months (March 2018) I would have 112,000 pageviews in one month!

The Numbers

It’s very easy for me to talk about these amazing numbers, but what about some proof to back it up? Here are the graphs showing my pageview increase!

This first one is the graph of my page views from January 2017 to November 2017. Big difference huh?

How I QUADRUPLED My Pageviews in One Month and You Can Too!

Ignore the little bump in late July! I accidentally installed Google Analytics twice on my site and that meant my pageviews were being recorded twice.

Note: if you have a low “bounce rate” (less that 60%) and higher than expected pageviews, then you probably have GA installed twice, normally in two different plugins in WordPress.

This graph shows my pageviews for September 2017. You can see that towards the end of the month things were starting to pick up.

How I QUADRUPLED My Pageviews in One Month and You Can Too!

This one shows the big increase in October 2017!

How I QUADRUPLED My Pageviews in One Month and You Can Too!

From an average of 48 page views a day in September to 227 a day in October!

Now a look at September, October, and November all together! Can you see the trend?

How I QUADRUPLED My Pageviews in One Month and You Can Too!

Now for big bloggers, these are still very small numbers. But remember everyone has to start somewhere. There are hundreds of thousands of new (and not so new!) bloggers that don’t get this sort of traffic.

The best bit about Dare to Conquer? I didn’t have to figure it out myself! Scrivs did all the hard work of experimenting until he found a formula that works!

I promise you that my experiences are not unique either. One my very good blogging friends, Rachel at Planning Mindfully, received over 2,000 page views a day when her blog was less than 3 months old!

The Big Secret!

So that’s my “Big Secret”… which isn’t really a secret… on how I more than quadrupled my pageviews in less than a month!

Join Dare to Conquer and follow Scrivs advice!

I wish there was more to it, I really do. I’d love to say that blogging is this big mystery, but it’s really not!

No Time Like the Present

Have you ever heard the expression, “You have to speculate to accumulate”? It basically means that if you want to make money you have to start out spending a little bit first. Dare to Conquer is a perfect example of that!

You might not want to spend money right now because you aren’t making any money. But trust me… you will find it very very hard to make money blogging without some sort of course, group, ebook or advice.

Trust me! I tried for 6 months to not spend any more money on my blog. All that happened was I spent a lot of time and energy and got nowhere!

If you are serious about making your blog a success then you need to join Dare to Conquer!

There are hundreds of “How to Start a Blog” courses out there, but none of them combine so many elements with the added benefit of Scrivs holding your hand through the entire process!

Free Resources

How I QUADRUPLED My Pageviews in One Month and You Can Too!

If you’re still not sure, then Scrivs has some awesome free resources (which go into much more detail than any other free resources I’ve found). Check free resources and see what you think:

FREE Blogging Bootcamp

FREE SEO Bootcamp

I’m guessing you will love his no-nonsense style and the wealth of information he shares.

I wish you every success with your blog and hope to see you around the DTC Community soon. The sooner you join, the sooner you can grow your blog!