What is ?

Inbound Marketing is about providing valuable content to your audience to help solve their problems.

It is NOT about fighting for their attention as you do with traditional marketing methods.

Inbound marketing is about connecting with your target client on a deeper level. By encouraging their dreams and justifying their failures, you can build a lasting bond with that person and earn their trust. 

The goal of every business should be to lead your perspective client through their journey of recognizing their problem, understanding the solution, implementing that solution, and then enjoying their success! 

A well planned inbound marketing strategy will do just that!

Client Persona

Inbound marketing depends on fully understanding your target audience and their pain points. Developing a client persona or avatar is key to a successful strategy.

Original Content

You can attract prospects and customers to your business through relevant and helpful content. This content could be blog articles, videos, lead magnets or social media posts. The important aspect is that they provide value to your audience.

Social Media Posting

Promoting your original content on social media is not just about sharing a post on FaceBook. A strong social media strategy needs to be planned, be consistent, scheduled appropriately and choreographed to ensure maximum impact.

Email Campaigns

A well-crafted email campaign is designed to continue to provide your audience with valuable content. This will build their confidence in your company and come to regard you as a solution provider.

Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

I’m here to help you grow your online presences to the next level!

Strategy Audit

You’ve got an existing social media strategy, but you’re not sure why you aren’t getting more conversion? Let me spend some time reviewing your profiles and strategy. I’ll provide you with a report, that includes actionable steps you can take to increase your online presence.

Customized Marketing Plan

I will create a custom inbound marketing strategy and do all the hard work for you! You’ll never have to worry about sharing posts, interacting with prospects, or finding fresh content. Just think of all the time you will save every day?!

Original Content Creation

One size does not fit all! My custom content will help you outpace the competition. I create customized blogs, website and social media content for your business. Publishing engaging content regularly fosters loyalty and trust with your audience.

Got Questions?

Let me help you take some of the fear away and guide you on the path to business success!

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Meet Sasha

Marketing Strategist & Content Creator

“Hey there! I’m Sasha and I thought I’d introduce myself a little. I have over 15 years experience as a sales and marketing specialist. Over that time the marketing industry has changed significantly. Many businesses still embraced some of the more traditional forms of marketing, however, I have chosen to adopt newer marketing strategies. 

It is vital for business’ continued success that they evolve their marketing strategy to match their customers needs and methods of communication. With my passion for digital inbound marketing, I can help your business evolve and thrive in this new world!”

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