December & January Income Report – $2,691.44 in My Spare Time!

This is an income report for my main site –

It’s been a while since I last did an income report… OK, it’s been a year, since I last did one!

I have sort of a love/hate relationship with income reports – I know they are very useful to newer bloggers but I also feel that they can be misleading and make new bloggers feel like they aren’t making progress.

Don’t Compare

So you need to keep a few things in mind when reading income reports (including this one!). Consider the following:

  • Available time – everyone leads different lives and we all have different amounts of time we can commit to our businesses.
  • Knowledge and Experience – some income reports are written by very experienced bloggers. Yes, their blog might only be 3 months old, but it’s also their 3rd, 4th or even 5th blog! Trust me, it gets easier each time you start one!
  • Fudging the Numbers – OK, so I don’t want to pick on other bloggers. But I’ve often read income reports that are not totally honest. For example, some people will report Awin commission on people that have clicked on their link, however, they will not receive that money until the person makes a sale (which they might not).
  • Mindset – For some people their blog is just a fun hobby on the side which brings in a little extra money. For other people is it a lifeline which keeps the wolves from the door.

However, the very most important thing to remember is to not COMPARE YOUR BEGINNING TO ANOTHER PERSON’S MIDDLE!

We all have to start somewhere, there is no shame in being new at something – we were all beginners once. So just have patience and remember that your time will come… if you focus and put the work in!

You can read all about MY beginning in my previous income report – so I won’t bother repeating it here.

My blog is now over two years old and I would love to be further along in my journey, but… time and energy are limited. As long as I am making progress, then I am happy!

December & January Income Report

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty! I won’t waste anymore time on an intro!


Let’s start by looking at pageviews:

December 2018: 100,006 pageviews

January 2019: 111,549 pageviews

The first half of December was pretty low, but it really picked up during the week after Christmas and continued to stay high into January.

A lot of my content on Life’s Carousel is related to things that people will make New Year’s Resolutions about – being productive, getting organized, decluttering their home. So I knew to expect a peak in traffic around January 1st!


A lot of my traffic comes from Pinterest and I like to keep an eye on my Pinterest analytics.

December 2018 & January 2019 Income Report

Your “Average Monthly Viewers” doesn’t always correspond to the amount of traffic going to your site. Your Average Monthly Viewers could be going down, while your pageviews are going up!

However, I do keep an eye on it, because it tells me if I’m pinning popular content or not. It also gives me an idea of seasonal trends.

December 2018: 3,630,100 Average Monthly Viewers

January 2019: 3,940,339 Average Monthly Viewers


Like with any business, you have to spend money to make money. I try to keep things as cheap as possible, but there’s some expenses I can’t escape (or that I think are worth the investment!).

  • Hosting – BigScoots: $34.95 per month
  • Email Marketing – ActiveCampaign: $49 per month
  • Product & Course Hosting – MemberVault: $39 per month
  • Pinterest Scheduler – Tailwind: $39.98 per month ($479.76 paid annually)
  • Design Software – Canva: $12.95 per month
  • Email Software – GSuite – $5 per month
  • Bookkeeping Software – Quickbooks – $5 per month

Total Monthly Expense: $185.88

I do occasionally buy an ebook or short course too. However, I don’t do that very often because I have a lifetime membership at Dare to Conquer, which is a one-stop shop for all your blogging education and training!


OK, so now we get to the part that you’re really interested in! How much income I make!

All these income numbers are what I EARNED during that month. However, I do not receive that money right away. Most of it is paid out 2 months after it has been earned (‘net 60 days’). The only exception is sales of my own products. I receive that money within a day or two (after the credit card has been processed).

December 2018

  • Ad Income – MediaVine: $1,640.22
  • Affiliate Income – Amazon: $207.99
  • Product Sales: $21

Total Income for December 2018: $1,869.21

I launched my very first (unsuccessful!) product in the middle of December, so that’s why that number is so low!

January 2019

  • Ad Income – MediaVine: $1,024.51
  • Affiliate Income – Amazon: $108.48
  • Product Sales: $61

Total Income for January 2019: $1,193.99

Income Report

Now you might be wondering why my income was LESS in January, when my pageviews were HIGHER!

Well, it comes down mainly to ad income. December is a great month for ad income.

During the fourth quarter of the year, and especially during December, companies are spending a lot of money on ads, because they want to take advantage of the holiday spending spree!

However, once January 1st hits, they reduce their advertising budget considerably. Some bloggers will see their ad income halve! Mine wasn’t quite that bad, but it did drop considerably.


When we look at those income numbers we have to remember that isn’t all money in my pocket!

Not only do I have to pay my expenses, but I also have to pay tax on my income! The exact amount of income tax I’ll pay wil depend on my other expenses.

But we can at least deduct the standard monthly expenses to see what my profit is before tax.

December 2018 Profit: $1,683.33

January 2019 Profit: $1,008.11

If you are looking at these numbers and wondering how much time I spend on my blog, I can answer that easily… not as much as I’d like to!

Probably just an hour or 2 per day during the week, and maybe 3 or 4 hours a day at the weekends.

It helps to remember that I also have the following obligations on my time and energy:

  • 40+ hour full-time job
  • 3 Children
  • 4 Dogs, 4 cats, and 5 chickens
  • A partner that likes to spend time with me occasionally!

So that’s not a bad for a part-time job!

The Secret?

You might be reading this and thinking that you desperately want your blog to be making a bit more money each month and you are trying to figure out my “secret”.

Well, I’ll tell you… there is no secret!

Blogging is like pretty much anything else in the world, it takes hard work and time!

Income Report

You can, of course, give yourself a little push in the right direction with a good solid Pinterest strategy. Pinterest really is the quickest and easiest way to get traffic to your site… but you have to really understand how it all works!

Want some help? Check out my Pinterest Virtual Assistant services to see how I can help you!

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December 2018 & January 2019 Blogging Income Report - Find out how I earned $2,691.44 from blogging in my spare time! Blogging really can be a GREAT side income... or even full-time income!