Case Studies

December & January Income Report – $2,691.44 in My Spare Time!

This is an income report for my main site – It’s been a while since I last did an income report… OK, it’s been a year, since I last did one! I have sort of a love/hate relationship with income reports – I know they are very useful to newer bloggers but I also feel that they can be misleading and make new bloggers feel like they aren’t making progress. Don’t Compare So you need to keep a few …

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HONEST Blog Income Report – March 2018

This is an income report was originally published in April 2018 on my first (and main!) blog – I have a love-hate relationship with blog income report posts. I love to read them because it gives me an insight into how other bloggers do things, but I also hate them because I’m experienced enough to know when they are stretching the truth! So first off… I promise you that everything below is completely true and I’m not going to …

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How to Increase Pageviews 390% in One Month – I Did It and You Can Too!

How I increased my pageviews 490% in just one month using Dare to Conquer (Formerly Billionaire Blog Club)! When I started my blog,, in December 2016 I knew absolutely nothing about blogging! I knew I love all things techie and also loved to write and share ideas, so blogging seemed a natural path. It took me five very long months to finally understand the basics and start to see a bit of traffic to my site. When I say …

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